I am working in a co-operation with the Plukkido Games. Plukkido is a Hungarian brand produces child-rearing home board games and playful outdoor devices made by psychologists, social pedagogues, and designers. As a designer I mainly produce explainer videos, infographics and icons. I really enjoy working together as well as drawing them many illustrations :) Here I share some of my works created to Plukkido.
Art director:
Balázs Nagy - 
Senses Studio​​​​​​​
These (HUN) animations explain how the board games work:
1. rész - Hogyan használd a Plukkido otthoni táblajátékait?
2. rész - A Plukkido otthoni táblajátékai kacifántosabb helyzetekben
This playful, comparative infographic shows why the Plukkido Games are generally different than an average reward chart with the way of telling a story of its psychological background:
Plukkido infographic design - Plukkido Games vs. Reward Chart
The Zsebmanó (pocket elf) application gives many interactive stories and ideas to let your children use their fantasy and have fun in several situations, like waiting, walking outside or using public transport:
"Zsebmanó" app home page icons design
The  Zsebmanó app has weekly news as an extra.
All of these topics appear with colourful illustrated icons:
"Zsebmanó" app icon design
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